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Today, Nidec Corporation is closely associated with approximately 300 group companies all over the world. Nidec is the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer handling "everything that spins and moves", miniature to gigantic. Aspiring to achieve still higher growth, each group company is enhancing its technical capabilities and competitive edge, while Nidec is positively striving in the area of M&A for companies that have highly-reputed engineering capabilities in motor-related fields.

Nidec has grown into a market-leading global company in the short span of 40 years due to the fact that it has never stopped striving to become the "world's No.1." We have devoted ourselves to reaching the "world's No.1" position while following our three principles of behavior.

1. Passion, Enthusiasm, Tenacity
2. Working hard and smart
3. Do it now; do it without hesitation; do it until completed

These very spirits are the identity and strength of our company.

Địa điểm:
Lot No I1-N2, Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Quy mô công ty:
1000-2000 người
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Nidec Vietnam Corporation

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